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1. Which are the grounds that can generate the termination of an Employment Contract?
2. What is the difference between an imputable and a non-imputable ground of dismissal?
3. Which is the procedure that the company should follow to dismiss me on disciplinary grounds?
4. What can I do if my Employment Contract has been illegally terminated?
5. Which are my rights as a Romanian employee of a foreign agency in Romania? What law regulates my Employment Contract?
6. What excises and taxes do I owe as a Romanian employee of a foreign agency?
7. As a foreign citizen settled in Romania after retirement, how can I benefit of retirement pay in Romania?
8. As a Romanian citizen settled in another state after retirement, can I receive my retirement pay in that state? Can I demand the payment of my retirement pay as a global sum reported to a certain number of years, in the moment of my departure?
9. If the company I've worked for is in bankruptcy, can I sue it for not having received my salary rights before its bankruptcy?
10. As an heir, can I sue the company where my author worked, asking for salary right or other patrimonial rights that he didn't cash in before its death?
11. As a foreign citizen, in what conditions can I work in Romania?

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