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24. What does "shareware" mean?
Shareware represents that type of license of a computer program, characterized by the following:
- the owner of the copyright allows the user to freely use the computer program for a certain period of time, for purposes of tests and/or evaluations.
- when time is up, the user must choose between buying the license(rights) that allows him to unlimited utilization of the program and returning and/or "deleting" the copy.
Dan Livescu

25. What does "freeware" mean?
"Freeware" designates those programs that are distributed by the owner of the copyright and do not imply any payment obligations from the part of the user. These programs usually specify things such as; "This program may be freely distributed"; "You may copy or distribute this software free of charge".
Dan Livescu

26. What does "careware" mean?
Careware is the generic term that expresses the fact that the utilization rights are given according to the following principle: the owner of the copyright agrees to the "free" utilization of the computer program if the user makes a donation for a charitable cause.
Most of the times the modality and the beneficiary of the donation are established by the owner of the copyright.
Dan Livescu

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