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General topics

1.What is the copyright?
2.Which are the intellectual creations protected by the copyright?
3.Can inventions be protected by copyright?
4.How can an author or the owner of the copyright cede it?
5.What are the mandatory clauses that should be contained by a patrimonial copyright cession contract?
6.Is the written form mandatory for a contract of patrimonial copyrights cession contract?
7.Is it possible to cede the patrimonial rights regarding ALL the future works of the author?
8.What can the author do in case the remuneration was not established in the contract?
9.What can the author do in case there is a significant disproportion between his/her remuneration and the benefits of the cessionary?
10.Who has the copyright in case of a work created while in an individual work contract?
11.What can the author do in case, in the contract, he/she gave up beforehand the right to request the annulment of the cession contract?
12.Which are the legal taxes for the Court actions regarding the protection of the patrimonial copyrights?


1. Who is the owner of the patrimonial copyrights for computer programs?
2. What exactly is protected in case of a computer program?
3. What is it understood by license?
4. What are the rights of the author of a computer program?
5. In what situations may the authorized user of a computer program make a copy of it, without the authorization of the author?
6. May a computer program be reproduced for personal use or for a family circle without the consent of the author?
7. Which is the duration of patrimonial copyrights for computer programs?
8. What are the legal obligations of the persons who produce, distribute, commercialize or rent computer programs in Romania?
9. Which are the consequences of not complying with the obligations specified by the Ordinance of the Executive 124/2000?
10. What are the specific obligations of the producers of computer programs, in Romania?
11. What is, in fact, a computer program?
12. What is to be understood by "any expression of a program"?
13. What does "operating system" mean?
14. What does "application program" mean?
15. What does "preliminary conception material" mean ?
16. What does "manuals" mean?
17. What does "source code" mean?
18. What does "programming language" mean?
19. What does "object code" mean?
20. What do "mnemonics" mean? Are they protected by copyright?
21. What does "microcode" mean? Is it protected by copyright?
22. What does "look and feel" mean? Is it protected by copyright?
23. What do "visual displays" mean? Are they protected by copyright?
24. What does "shareware" mean?
25. What does "freeware" mean?
26. What does "careware" mean?

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