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1. What are the conditions for carrying on commercial activities in Romania?
2. What types of commercial companies can be created in Romania?
3. What should the constitutive documents of a limited liability company or of a joint-stock company contain?
4. Which is the minimal registered capital of a limited liability company? How about a joint stock company?
5. How can an associate be excluded from the company?
6. How can I withdraw from a limited liability company of which I am an associate?
7. I intend to expand the activity of the company by creating sub-companies (filiale) or branches (sucursale). What is the difference between the two and which type should I choose to set up: sub-company or branch?
8. What is the difference between a limited liability company and a general partenership?
9. If an associate decides to withdraw from a limited liability company, what is the legal procedure to be followed?
10. One of the shareholders is deceased. The shares are nominal. What can be done in order to transfer the shares to the successors of the late associate?
11. What are my advantages if the debtor pays with a promissory note and not with a payment order?
12. What do I have to do in order to dissolve a commercial company that did not increase its starting capital to the minimal amount prescribed by the law?
13. What are the consequences of not registering the modifications brought to a limited company in the Register of Commerce?
14. What is the legal interest in commercial issues?
15. Can the authorized natural persons hire personnel? How about family associations?
16. May an associate lend money to the company he is an associate of?
17. I authenticated the constitutive documents of the commercial company but I haven't registered it at the Register of Commerce. May I rent a commercial space? Which are the documents I may sign before the registering at the Register of Commerce?

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